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Adults-only voyages. Luxuriously designed. 5-star reviews

Explore over 100 dreamy destinations. Featuring 20+ eateries with Michelin star chef-curated menus. Relax and live it up in our modern, super-yacht inspired cabins.

Relaxed, flexible, and always authentic, our voyages are where laid-back tranquility meets exhilaration — seeing the world aboard our 4 stunning, game-changing ships at sea. We’re exclusively adult for a reason; so you can disconnect from routine and reconnect with yourself. From unique restaurants with Michelin star chef-curated menus to luxury inclusions you’re not used to having taken care of for you, we’re redefining what sea travel can look like.

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Ahoy Sailor! Welcome to Virgin Voyages: our adult only cruise ships redefine luxury cruise vacations to the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Europe, and beyond.

Carnival offers 14 year-round and seasonal ports from every coast in the U.S.

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What we’ve created at Virgin Voyages is a revolutionary way to explore the world, and we want to sea you experience it for yourself.

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