Our Favorite Things: Secrets Tulum Resort & Beach Club

One of the best things about the Secrets® Resorts & Spas (part Hyatt’s Inclusive Collection) is that while they all share certain traits, such as service excellence, modern rooms, and all the trappings of Unlimited-Luxury®, they’re still all unique properties. Perhaps that’s why we never tire of the new openings within this brand, as fast and vast as they’ve been!

Our Favorite Things: Secrets Tulum Resort & Beach Club
Our Favorite Things: Secrets Tulum Resort & Beach Club
Our Favorite Things: Secrets Tulum Resort & Beach Club
Our Favorite Things: Secrets Tulum Resort & Beach Club

That also means that every corner of every property has a “best thing” for everyone.

This is especially true for the new Secrets Tulum Resort & Beach Club, a property built in the jungles of Tulum, over an hour south of Cancun, in a layout that takes inspiration from its geographical setting and the area’s features.

While most Secrets® Resorts & Spas are built on beautiful beachfronts, this property is built around stunning manmade cenote and lagoon spaces, under rooftop water features and overlooking a sea of emerald native plants and trees. With access to an exclusive, all-inclusive beach club on the shoreline of Tulum, a short complimentary shuttle ride away, there’s no other resort quite like this one.

In order to find out some of the most unique details about this resort, we spoke to Travel Impressions employees who have visited for themselves and asked them what their one favorite thing about it was. For a personal, insider look at what makes it special, keep reading to see what they have to say …

Our Senior Manager of Creative Services, Darleen, loved the many unique rooftop pools of the resort. Of her favorite, she said “The views were stunning, the bar was close by, and it was peaceful and relaxing,” she says.

“I loved the beach club and beach; it has quintessential Tulum vibes!,” Melissa, Brand Websites & Campaigns Manager said. And anyone that’s ever been to Tulum will know exactly what she’s talking about. Shady tropical trees, a jungle feel, upscale yet trendy, dynamic but casual … these are the earmarks of a Tulum in-town or beach club vacation and a short shuttle from the resort is all that’s needed to go from luxurious resort bubble to hot outdoor club vibes.

See this incredible property and chic destination for yourself. Grab your flip flops and call your travel advisor today!

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